Sunday, March 13, 2022

Final Seed List 2022

Been super busy this year, but still put together a final seed list for 2022!  Submitted to Bracket Matrix

1’s- Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, Baylor

2’s- Kentucky, Auburn, Villanova, Duke

3’s- Purdue, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas Tech

4’s-UCLA, Arkansas, Providence, Illinois

5’s-Houston,Iowa, St Marys, UConn

6’s-Texas, LSU, Alabama, USC

7’s- Colorado State, Michigan St, Boise St, Ohio St

8’s- San Diego St, TCU, Seton Hall, Creighton

9’s- Murray St, UNC, Marquette, Iowa St

10’s- Memphis, Loyola-Chicago, Virginia Tech, San Francisco

11’s- Wyoming, Davidson, Miami, Michigan, Texas A&M

12’s-Xavier, Rutgers, UAB, South Dakota St, Richmond

13’s-Chattanooga, New Mexico St, Vermont, Yale

14’s-Colgate Delaware, Montant St, Akron

15’s-Longwood, St Peters, Georgia St, Cal St Fullerton

16’s-Norfolk St, Jacksonville St, Bryant, Wright St, Texas Southern, Texas A&M-CC

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bracketology Results 2021

Another Selection Sunday has come and gone. Hopefully, you are happy with where your team is seeded!  To see the complete bracket click HERE. 

Schedules including TV times and networks have not been released as of this writing, but should be listed over at CBS Sports once they go live.

As for me, I ended up with 67/68 teams.  I missed Wichita St, and had Louisville in their place. Not oo bad.  Seeding was a mixed bag this year.  Although I improved from a 346 to a 347 from last year, I definitely had more seeds missed by two lines.  However, I do believe I also had more exact matches as well. 

The Bracket Matrix page will be updated with final results HERE.

Championship Week heading into Selection Sunday is always a lot of fun, I hope you enjoyed it as well.  Can't wait to try to improve my score again next time!  Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to more bracket talk next year!

Enjoy the tournament!

FINAL Seed List! Selection Sunday 2021!

Well, I've been pouring through the numbers all day!  And here it is, my final seed list that I will submit to the Bracket Matrix.  

Selection Show starts approximately  6pm on CBS!  See you back here for the results!

1’s- Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois, Michigan

2’s- Alabama, Iowa, Oklahoma St, Ohio St

3’s- Houston, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas  

4’s- West Virginia, Purdue, Creighton, Virginia

5’s- Florida St, Villanova, Tennessee, Texas Tech

6’s- Colorado, USC, Missouri, LSU

7’s- Oregon, Wisconsin, San Diego St, Oklahoma

8’s- BYU, Florida, UConn, UNC

9’s- Clemson, Georgia Tech, St. Bonaventure, Virginia Tech

10’s- Loyola-Chicago, Rutgers, Maryland, Michigan State

11’s- VCU, Louisville, Syracuse, UCLA, Utah St, Drake

12’s- Georgetown, Winthrop, Oregon St, UC Santa Barbara 

13’s- Colgate, Ohio, North Texas, Liberty 

14’s- UNC Greensboro, Morehead State, Abilene Christian, Eastern Washington

15’s- Cleveland State, Grand Canyon, Drexel, Oral Roberts

16’s- Iona, Mt. St Mary’s, Hartford, Appalachian State, Norfolk State,Texas Southern

First OUT: Ole Miss, Wichita St, Colorado St, Saint Louis

Selection Sunday Bubble Metrics

Selection Sunday is here!  Check out the latest bubble metrics below.  Who is in?  Who is out?  Let me know your thoughts!  

Note: teams sorted according to The Bracket Matrix.

Full Championship Sunday schedule can be found here.

Will have full predictive seed list posted shortly, so check back!


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Updated Bubble Metrics- 3/13 AM

Welcome to Championship Saturday! A great slate of games today as we all anxiously await Selection Sunday!  Here are the updated metrics as of this morning.  Will have first seed list posted tomorrow, so check back!  Final metrics posted tomorrow morning and final seed list posted tomorrow afternoon!

Friday, March 12, 2021

March Madness is Coming Back!! Bubble Metics 3/12

Hey folks!  Man, it is good to be back talking March Madness and the bubble!  Looking forward to the rest of Championship Week and Selection Sunday.  

In the meantime, here are the latest bubble metrics with teams sorted according to Bracket Matrix rankings.  New seed list upcoming!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bracketology Results 2019!

Another Selection Sunday is in the books!

Hopefully you are happy with where your team ended up.

As for my results, I ended up with 67/68 teams.  In my final predictions I had TCU instead of Belmont (which I took off last night).

I seeded 63/68 teams correctly or within one seed line, which was one better than last year.  Missed VT, VCU, Iowa St, and Seton Hall by 2 lines.

My point total on the Bracket Matrix was a 346.  I scored 342 last year, so it is an improvement.  Will be interested to see what the winner scored this year.

The full bracket can be found HERE.

Still getting better at the seeding process.  Being my second year doing this, I have developed a real appreciation for those who consistently score at the top, because seeding is not easy!

How did you do?  Any bracket thoughts?

Also want to thank every person who visited, commented, or tweeted my blog.  I always have fun talking brackets with people.  Please remember me for next season, as I will be plugging away on brackets once again!  Hopefully I will be able to get more brackets out sooner, like I did last year.

Thanks again for checking out the blog!

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2019 FINAL Seed List!

Here we go.  Final predictions.  Put Michigan St on the one line just minutes ago after their win.

Selection show at 6pm!  Check back for my scoring results from the Bracket Matrix

Thank you to everyone who has been following along!

Hope your team makes it!

Final Seed List:

1’s- Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan St

2’s- North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan

3’s- Houston, Texas Tech, LSU, Florida St

4’s- Purdue, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa St

5’s- Auburn, Villanova, Kansas St, Mississippi St

6’s- Buffalo, Marquette, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati

7’s- Maryland, Wofford, Nevada, Louisville

8’s- Seton Hall, UCF, Syracuse, Mississippi

9’s- Iowa, Minnesota, Utah St, Washington

10’s- Baylor, Oklahoma, Florida, VCU

11’s- TCU, Oregon, Arizona St, Ohio St, St John’s, Temple

12’s- St Mary’s, New Mexico St, Murray St, Liberty

13’s- Northeastern, Old Dominion, UC Irvine, Saint Louis

14’s- Vermont, Yale, Georgia St, Northern Kentucky

15’s- Colgate, Montana, Gardner Webb, Bradley

16’s- Abilene Christian, Iona, North Dakota St, NC Central, Farleigh Dickinson, Prairie View A&M

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Selection Sunday Bubble Metrics. 1:30pm

I have been re-examining bubble metrics for a number of teams.  So many different possibilities for the last several teams in the field.

Here is a chart of some metrics that stand out.  The greener the better.  The darker the red, the worse.
For easier viewing, link for bubble chart is Here.

Meanwhile, Yale up double digits on Harvard in the Ivy tournament, and Auburn up 9 early in the SEC.  For a complete schedule of today's games, click Here.

Final seed list coming soon!

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Selection Sunday is Here!!! 11am Seed List.

The day has arrived!  Selection Sunday is here and so is a brand new morning seed list.

I took a look at some of the results from yesterday night and made some updates.  I did not scrub 1-68 again though.  Will do that this afternoon before final bracket reveal!

Five more conference tournaments to be decided today.  You can find the full schedule here.

Highlights include the SEC and Big Ten tournaments where a #1 seed could be in play for Tennessee, Michigan St, and possibly Michigan as well.

Be sure to check back throughout the day for seed lists, bubble metrics, and of course the final bracket!

11am Seed List:

1’s- Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga, North Carolina

2’s- Tennessee, Michigan State, Michigan, Kentucky

3’s- Houston, LSU, Florida St, Texas Tech

4’s- Purdue, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Kansas

5’s- Nova, Iowa St, Mississippi St, Auburn

6’s- Marquette, Virginia Tech, Buffalo, Maryland

7’s- Cincinnati, Nevada, Wofford, Louisville 

8’s- Seton Hall, UCF, Syracuse, Iowa

9’s- Mississippi, Minnesota, Utah St, Washington

10’s- VCU, Oklahoma, Baylor, Florida

11’s- TCU, Oregon, St Johns, Arizona St, Ohio St, Temple

12’s- St Mary’s, New Mexico St, Murray St, Liberty

13’s- Northeastern, Old Dominion, UC Irvine, Vermont

14’s- St Bonaventure, Yale, Georgia St, Northern Kentucky 

15’s- Colgate, Montana, Gardner-Webb, Bradley
16’s- Abilene Christian, Iona, North Dakota St, NC Central, Fairleigh Dickinson, Prairie View A&M

What did I get right or wrong?  Leave a comment below or tell me on Twitter @Tcw8848

Bracket Matrix can be found HERE.