Sunday, March 4, 2018

Seed List 3/5/18

Seed list 3/5/18

1's- Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Duke

2's- Kansas, Purdue, Michigan State, Cincinnati

3's- Auburn, North Carolina, Texas Tech, Tennessee

4's- Michigan, Wichita State, Arizona, Gonzaga

5's- West Virginia, Clemson, Ohio State, Florida

6's- Kentucky, Houston, Arkansas, Miami

7's- Texas A&M, TCU, Nevada, Seton Hall

8's- Missouri, Rhode Island, Creighton, NC State

9's- Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, St Mary's, Florida State

10's- St Bonaventure, Butler, Middle Tennessee State, Texas

11's- USC, UCLA, Kansas State, Providence, Alabama

12's- Arizona St., Syracuse, New Mexico State, Buffalo, Loyola-Chicago

13's-Louisiana Lafayette, Murray State, Vermont, South Dakota State

14's-Bucknell, College of Charleston, Montana, UNC-Greensboro

15's-UC Davis, Pennsylvania, Wagner, Wright State

16's- Iona, Lipscomb, Hampton, Radford, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Nicholls State

Last Four In: Providence, Alabama, Arizona St, Syracuse

First Four Out: Louisville, Baylor, Oklahoma St, Washington

Next Four Out: Utah, Boise State, LSU, Notre Dame

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  1. It will be interesting to see if USC, UCLA, Arizona St. and Oklahoma make the tournament. Yahoo says no to USC, UCLA and Arizona St. Yes to Oklahoma. ESPN says yes to UCLA, Arizona St. and Oklahoma - but all in play-in games. And yes to USC. You have USC, UCLA and Oklahoma but not Arizona St. Even more interesting is what to do with Arizona St. and Oklahoma losing in the first round of their conference tournaments. What happens if Alabama falls in the first round of their tournament as well? Arizona as a 4 seed also stands out - fairly low for a major conference champion - yet so many PAC12 teams still considered to be in the mix. Also, who is the 4th one seed - Duke?, Kansas? What if both teams lose this weekend? Interesting posts and lots of good data.

    1. Thanks for the comment. With so many games to play in championship week, my next seed list update will look vastly different I'm sure. So many teams still in the mix for bubble spots.
      The PAC-12 is interesting. It has been widely regarded as a down year for the conference, yet so many teams still in the mix like you said.
      I think Arizona St really hurt itself with that last loss. they remain in my last four in, but, much like Syracuse, there is a good chance they could be knocked out with the results of the last week.
      I'll be posting a new seed list on Friday, as well as updated bubble stats. In the meantime, check my latest updates for last four in/first four out projections. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How far do you have Creighton dropping with the loss to Providence today? I don't think they'll drop all the way to a play-in game but could you see them at an 11? Also, in regards to our rival team was just curious, is Nebraska firmly out in your eyes? Thanks!

    1. I don't think Creighton will suffer from the loss to Providence, but they will drop. It will depend on some other results, but I see them as a 9 or 10 now, and I say closer to a 9 than a 10. They should be safe from a play-in game or an 11.

      As for Nebraska, yes, I see them out at this point. It was a really down year for the BIG Ten. A 13-5 conference record won't be enough to hide the fact they only have four top-100 wins, and all at home. they had a good year, and were partly a victim of a weak year for the BIG Ten.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm seriously wondering what everyone is seeing in Auburn that I'm not. Sharing a regular season title record-wise in a conference where third and 12th place are separated by 4 games speaks to mediocre teams trading punches, not depth. The only quality non-conference win was middle Tennessee state, who didn't even win their conference tournament over a NINE seed. They only played Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee once each, then feasted on weaker teams to bolster their conference record, similar to michigan state. i would take wichita state or Michigan at a 3 and move Auburn to a 4.

    1. Auburn may have benefitted from some of the metrics overrating the SEC slightly this year. However, they do have 12 Top-100 wins, and 10 wins away from home.
      They have an RPI of 8, Kenpom of 13, Sagarin rating of 21, and a BPI of 16. All solid numbers.

      Michigan looked so good in the BIG Ten tournament, it wouldn't surprise me to see them as a 3. Auburn's fate in terms of seeding will be decided in the SEC tournament, but I still see them as a 3 or 4.

      Thanks for coming by! Check back throughout the week for updated seed lists, and other bracket talk!